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How To Get Enough of Vitamin B12 for Crohns Disease

The B12 deficiency story may be a scary one, but adding this one vital vitamin is reassuringly simple, for everyone.

We hear a lot about B12 these days, especially with the rise of veganism. Once upon a time, society told us that abstaining from meat was a disaster for our health. Nowadays, as scientific knowledge grows and we see all those 60’s vegan hippies living to a ripe old age, we know that we can get almost everything we need without eating animal products (meat, fish, eggs dairy) – except for Vitamin B12. We also know that if we’re older, drink a lot of alcohol or have suffered from gastrointestinal illnesses or disorders of the immune system, we may not be able to absorb as much B12 as we need, even if we eat animal products regularly. It’s all pretty serious because deficiency may lead to fatigue, low energy, anaemia and more. It’s also important to note that it’s possible to be deficient in B12 and not have any symptoms. If in doubt, get tested with your GP.

Vitamin B12 is so important because it performs all kinds of functions in the body. It helps us make DNA, which gives instructions on how to produce protein in the body. Protein is the building block for the body itself – when this process goes awry, bad things can happen. Vitamin B12 also helps to make red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the cells of the body (that’s why people who are B12 deficient tend to look pale) and carry carbon dioxide away from the cells. B12 also supports healthy immune function.

The body can’t produce B12 itself or store it, so we must consume it from an outside source, regularly. For young, healthy omnivores, that’s animal products. Others, especially those who don’t eat animal products, may need to supplement. In particular, breastfeeding new mothers are at risk of deficiency should supplement, as inadequate B12 supplies are detrimental for baby’s normal development.

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Irish Botanica® Throat Coat Oral Spray – 30ml

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Chi Detox Patches

We all carry toxins around in our body. They accumulate as we live: nasties like environmental poisons, chemicals we breathe in or ingest, waste products from foods all get stored in our body tissue. Chi Detox Patches are a unique, non-invasive way to help detox the whole body. Each patch contains a unique formula of highly purified powder extract of a blend of herbs and minerals used in Chinese Medicine. They target the reflex points under our feet, which have 62 acupuncture points.

Simply apply them at night. When you remove the patches in the morning, you can see the changes: their colour will show you that they have absorbed sweat from your feet over night.

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Botanical Syrup the solution to a stubborn cough

Irish Botanica Botanical Syrup has helped many to find relief for the first time from a stubborn cough

Irish Botanica Botanical Syrup is a cough remedy that I told you about last year. Many of you who tried it found it amazing and got relief for the first time from a stubborn cough. But, unfortunately, the suppliers ran out of stock and left many of you disappointed that you couldn’t try it for yourself. Nobody could have predicted the demand. The good news is that it’s back in stock and your local health store should be able to order it in for you.

Botanical Syrup was developed by Medicinal Herbalist David Foley. Botanical Syrup contains herbs which can help ease all stubborn and difficult to shift coughs, clear congestion, decrease mucus, and relieve the symptoms of asthma, hay fever, and bronchitis. What’s great about the blend is that as well as the herbs to treat coughs it also contains Vitamin C, Liquorice and Ginseng which are included for their immune supporting properties and also their ability to relieve the effects of stress on the body.

It’s a fantastic combination of herbs which work well together including White Horehound which can decrease and thin the mucus in the bronchial tubes and lungs.

Mullein is used to help clear congestion and phlegm. Plantain eases sore throats, coughs, and bronchitis. It protects and strengthens the lining of the throat and lungs. Cinnamon is included for its mild antiseptic properties. Ginseng will help your body cope with stress and at the same time it will support immune function helping you to stay well. Aniseed helps clear mucus from the airways, and adds the flavour to the mix. Liquorice will help to reduce dryness and has an anti-spasmodic effect helping to ease a cough.

Last year I had amazing feedback from people all around the country. Many of you also told your friends and family about how effective it was. I would say that approx. 8 out of 10 people who tried it got relief from a stubborn cough. So I’m happy to remind you of it so you can see if it can help you too. Remember to check with your doctor if you’re on medication.

If you too have a stubborn cough then it might be worth your while trying this remedy, Botanical Syrup, it’s a fantastic Irish made product

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